Book reviews

Asia/América Latina publishes book reviews related to Aisa and Latin America. Asia América Latina accepts:

  • Non fiction books that focus on Asia-Latin America on Humanities or Social Sciences.
  • Fiction books that focus on Asia-Latin America.

The book review will be solicited by the Book Review Editor.

You may send a book for review in English, Spanish or Portuguese to the Book Review Editor:

Dr. Araceli Tinajero

Book Review Editor

Asia América Latina

312 73rd  ST.

North Bergen NJ 07047


Guidelines for book reviews.

  1. Please do not send unsolicited book reviews.
  2. Limit your review to 3 pages maximum (2 pages minimum).
  3. Reviews may be written in English, Portuguese or Spanish.
  4. Provide all pertinent information in the headings including editor, translator, edition or revised edition, foreword, and introduction.
  5. Do not use footnotes or endnotes.
  6. The review must be critical and informative.
  7. Reviews will be edited by the Book Editor. In case of major changes, the review will be rejected.
  8. Send your review in a .doc or .docx format to:
  9. Please make sure your information is accurate. Please check titles, names, dates, and quotes.