Call for papers

Asia /América Latina receives and publishes: scientific articles; essays and reviews, all of them written in the journal’s official languages: Spanish and English. The call is open permanently while the issues of the magazine are published biannually in April and October.

Scientific articles are those derived from research projects and calls for review (generally associated with the initial part of research papers) and written under the IMRC modality: Introduction, Methodology, Results, Conclusions.

Essays involve free but well-founded expositions and reflections, not subject to the IMRyD modality, although attached to the formality of academic communication.

From the authors’ point of view, the publication considers:

  • Texts from Latin American specialists or centers on topics related to Asia
  • Texts from Asian specialists or centers on topics related to Latin America
  • Texts from specialists or centers of any origin that address comparative issues on Asia and Latin America.

Asia /América Latina publishes works from the following disciplines: Sociology, Literature, Political Science, Gender and Cultural Studies, History, Economics, Communication studies, Anthropology and International Relations. The works will be restricted to contemporary and recent times.

 Articles sent to Asia /América Latina must not have been previously published. If it has been published in a language other than the one proposed in the submission, the pertinence will be evaluated by the Editorial Secretariat in consultation with the Editorial Board.

Asia / América Latina does not charge for publishing nor does it receive any type of remuneration.

Articles will go through a double evaluation stage before being accepted. First, the editorial committee will evaluate its relevance, both in terms of formal issues and the editorial line of the journal. In the second instance, the work received will be submitted to the external evaluation process known as double blind through a form attached in Annex 2. The evaluators’ decision will be final. The qualification that a job can receive will be:

  1. Rejected.
  2. Accepted, subject to changes
  3. Accepted

The Asia /América Latina peer review will be anonymous. The evaluators (two) will receive the article without traces of the author and must issue a report of acceptance, rejection or acceptance subject to modifications. If both evaluators agree to advise against publication, the work will not be published. In case of divergent evaluations, the work will be sent to a third evaluator. In this case the publication or rejection will be decided by the majority opinion. In the event that the evaluator advises partial modification of the work for publication, the author may accept or reject the modification proposals. In the latter case, the evaluation will be considered unfavorable.

The author of the work will be informed of all these instances exclusively by the Editorial Secretariat, through the Editing Team.

Works will be sent to

Guidelines for authors  [ Link]

Declaration of originality and copyright waiver

Authors must attach a statement attesting to the originality of all the content of the postulated article, as well as assigning the rights of reproduction and distribution thereof, in case of being published, in accordance with our policy of Open access guaranteed by the Creative Commons Attibution 4.0 International license.

The model for said declaration can be downloaded.