Call for reviews

Asia/América Latina publishes book reviews related to Asia or Latin America without exception and includes two types of publications:

  • Non-fiction books that focus on Asia-Latin America in the humanities and social sciences.
  • Fiction books that focus on Asia-Latin America.

All reviews will have to be commissioned. That is, reviews will not be accepted from authors to whom the Review Editor has not sent the book directly.  

Books for review may be sent in English, Portuguese or Spanish to the Review Editor:

Dra. Araceli Tinajero

Book Review Editor

Asia América Latina

312 73rd  ST.

North Bergen NJ 07047


Asia / América Latina will publish on its website the reviews that will be part of the different issues with the approval of the publisher.

Guidelines  for book reviews

  1. Please do not submit unsolicited reviews.
  2. Reviews can be written in English, Portuguese or Spanish.
  3. You must indicate all pertinent information in the title, including editor, translator, edition or revised edition, foreword, and introduction.
  4. Do not use notes (neither at the footer, nor at the end of the page).
  5. The review should be informative and critical.
  6. Submit the review to the Book Review Editor. In case of needing major changes, the review may be rejected.
  7. Send the review in .doc or .docx format to: 
  8. Please make sure the information is accurate. Check titles, names, dates and appointments.

Document settings

  1. Margins: 3 cm.
  2. Font: Garamond 12. 
  3. Spacing: single, throughout the entire document, including the article, abstract, footnotes, tables, and appendices.
  4. Alignment: justified.
  5. Orientation: Vertical.
  6. Page size: 19,01 x 26,03
  7. Maximum allowed: 3 pages (minimum 2 pages). 
  8. Header: the complete details of the review (title and author) must be entered on each page in order to facilitate the citation in the preparation of the full issue.